Why Companies Choose Us.

Our PASSION–Solving Problems to Create Successes.

Our FUN–Collaborating With Talented People, Celebrating Successes


  • Quickly solve your gnarliest problems to create much needed successes.
  • Need proven expertise–proven many times in big and small businesses.
    • P2S expertise: major companies like Procter & Gamble to smaller companies like C1 Design, America’s #1 fly fishing company
    • SWAT Experts: We have the ability to quickly identify, recruit, and vet the world-class experts who provide breakthrough successes.
  • Need a short term boost in expert capabilities.
  • Urgently need success options in the next 60 days or even less.
  • Need a high value partner: the best price for the best capabilities.

We offer a full range of problem solving expertise. At its core is marketing consulting that often ties directly into sales and sales management consulting. This frequently extends into consumer research consulting and actual projects.  In numerous cases, it is also leads to product development consulting and outsourced product development work. Companies also turn to us when they need to quickly develop a high quality, extremely practical business vision and strategy to accomplish that vision.

We also operate Blue Sage Creative Graphic Design To Sell More and Make More. There is also the Blue Sage Creative 100% Promise for Graphic Design.  On top of this there is the Blue Sage Creative 25% – 35% Graphic Design Savings.