Marketing Problem: We need packaging that unabashedly says, “Buy Me!”

“Buy Me!” Printer Ready Packaging In 60 Days!

General Game Plan: Packaging plays a critical role in selling your product since it represents the stimulus the customer experiences when they are ready to buy. We identify the single statement creating the greatest chances of selling your product. We use the Science of Persuasion Powered by Merwyn Technology, a highly proven quantitative research method. Collaboratively, we identify the best combination of visuals and words that deliver your compelling “By Me” message.

Who’s Part of the Team

  • Client: we select 2-4 the right people with diverse backgrounds necessary to solve the problem.
  • External Experts: Blue Sage Creative ( Is particularly skilled at creating packaging with selling power.
  • P2S Experts: The right P2S team members with a proven record of multiple needed skills and success.

Project Timing: Delivery of a plan for success in about 45-60 days from project agreement.


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