Marketing Problem: How can we make this idea/product profitable in the next 12 months?

Major Profit Increase Plan In 60 Days!

General Game Plan: We conduct a rapid, deep dive into all the critical dynamics of the idea/product, including the three most important factors. Very importantly, quantitative research quickly determines the sales potential with a range of different assumptions, including spending levels, distribution levels, consumption assumptions, merchandising levels, etc. One-two ideas typically emerge with various probabilities of success and profitability. Working collaboratively we isolate critical variables capable of significantly increasing chances for your success.

Who’s Part of the Team

  • Client: we select 2-4 the right people with diverse backgrounds necessary to solve the problem.
  • External Experts: 1-3 relevant experts drawn from academia, suppliers, and consultants as appropriate.
  • P2S Experts: The right P2S team members with a proven record of multiple needed skills and success.

Project Timing: Delivery of a plan for success in about 60 days from project agreement.


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