Marketing Problem: How can we improve our new idea concepts to increase our chances for marketplace success by 1.5 – 2.0X, proven by quantitative research?

Doubling Your Ideas’ Chances for Success In 45 Days!

General Game Plan: Great success is driven by great ideas. With Merwyn Technology, we craft the best possible expression of your ideas while keeping it real. Quantitative research quickly identifies the ideas with the greatest chances for success. Typically, we are able increase the chances for success of your ideas by 1.5-2.0X.

Who’s Part of the Team

  • Client: we select 2-4 the right people with diverse backgrounds necessary to solve the problem.
  • P2S Experts: The right P2S team members with a proven record of multiple needed skills and success.
  • Project Timing: Delivery of a plan for success in about 45 days from project agreement. 


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