Product Development/Marketing Problem: It takes us forever to get something from an idea into the marketplace. How can we cut that time at least in half?

50% Faster to Market Plan in 75 Days!

General Game Plan: 50% Faster to Market Plan in 75 Days! People skilled at rapidly getting to market with ideas know multiple “secrets.” We understanding how to quickly optimize ideas, gain exceptional high-quality qualitative and quantitative insights, and gain real-world critical understandings before going broadly. We know how to do this!

Who’s Part of the Team

  • Client: we select 2-4 the right people with diverse backgrounds necessary to solve the problem.
  • External Experts: Depending on the product we bring 1-3 of the best experts within sites that do not duplicate your experts, but have relevant new understandings.
  • P2S Experts: The right P2S team members with a proven record of multiple needed skills and success.

Project Timing: Delivery of a plan for success in about 60-75 days from project agreement.


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