Sales Problem: How can we dramatically improve the quality of people that we attract and hire?

Double the Number of High Potential Hires in 60 Days!

General Game Plan: Our team has more than two decades of conducting over 600 interviews for primarily sales and marketing people. We’ve done this with companies like Procter & Gamble. While hiring is definitely a combination of science and art, you need to get the science part right before you can be artful. We know the process that more than doubles your chances of hiring the right people. Each company and job is unique. We tailor the science to your unique needs and circumstances and teach the art of using the science to greatest advantage.

Who’s Part of the Team

  • Client: we select 2-4 the right people with diverse backgrounds necessary to solve the problem.
  • P2S Experts: The right P2S team members with a proven record of multiple needed skills and success.

Project Timing: Delivery of a plan for success in about 60 days from project agreement.


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