Product Development: “We need great new products NOW!”


  • A $500M foodservice and retail products company hired a new president and CEO.
  • He wanted to quickly jump start the business with a series of major new products.
  • When he learned how long it typically took the company to develop and launch new products, he knew he needed external help.
  • He hired P2S to quickly develop over 20 new products in two categories plus blockbuster packaging for the products.


  • In less than two months P2S worked collaboratively with an external supplier to develop the 20 new products. Each of the new products was judged an expert tasting to be as good or better than the category best products.
  • Subsequent quantitative research produced unprecedented blind test wins: 85-15 WIN, 65-35 WIN, AND 60-40 WIN.
  • The packaging was best ever for the company and received spontaneous ovations in sales meetings.