Research: “There has to be a better basis for making decisions!”


  • Our client was significantly disappointed with their understanding of the market and the success of their new products.
  • In making market and product decisions they relied entirely on internal expertise. This reliance often produced a very protracted development process. At the end of the process almost nobody was happy with the result, but they felt the need to do something.
  • They desperately wanted to make better, smarter and faster decisions.


  • Working collaboratively we identified the critical customer insight data they needed to make better overall decisions. We conducted quantitative research that produced insights that were often at odds with the internal conventional wisdom that had guided previous decision-making.
  • We designed and conducted qualitative product research that produced insights on how to make the products better and to develop the confidence that they were better products than their competition.
  • All this was their first ever quantitative research that produced record sales.