Sales: “We need to hire many top sales people right NOW!”


  • A $500 million company determined that 20% of its 500 sales representatives were underperforming.
  • After extensive training and coaching, it was decided that this group could not achieve the necessary objectives and that they would be replaced.
  • They had never faced the need to hire so many much better people in such a short period of time.
  • They wanted much better interview, hiring, and initial training for the new people they were about recruit. 


  • In 30 days, working collaboratively with their top performing sales people, we developed a high quality online training program for new hires.
  • In addition, we developed an online testing program to ensure comprehension and mastery of the training program materials. This was a first for the company.
  • We provided consulting advice on the development of a “what counts” interview process, proven to double the number of successful new hires.